If you arrive in Bulgaria on vacation and wish to explore and travel Plovdiv is a great place to spend a couple of days and enjoy sightseeing, cultural events, shopping, fine and casual dining, and more. And whether a local or a visitor, the city is the home to religious sites, points of interest, exquisite architectural buildings, museums, art galleries, and a lot more. Plovdiv also boasts busy nightlife, and bars, pubs, and discos abound downtown and around the city.

To those who love to hunt for urban treasures and travel Plovdiv has a lot to offer at daytime and nighttime. Tourists have the chance to visit points of interest such as the Clock Tower, Djumaya Mosque, Roman Stadium, Cathedral of Saint Louis, and many others. The Old Town of Plovdiv features beautiful architecture, narrow cobbled streets, and of course, the Roman Amphitheatre. Visitors have the unique chance to go back in time and explore ancient ruins and historical sites. Must-see sites include the medieval gate Hisar Kapia, Nebet Tepe and its postern, towers, and fortress walls, and the Eastern gate of Philippopolis. Many shops offer items and souvenirs made by traditional craft producers. The Kapana District is also a great place to visit and hang out because of the many ateliers, art shops, and craft beer pubs. Many arts events and festivals are organized in the district.

For those who love to travel Plovdiv is also a great place to explore fine architecture from the Revival Period, and many houses are considered emblematic of its economic prosperity throughout history. Some of the buildings are now museums that feature interesting collections and expositions, including items such as fabrics, ancient furniture, landscapes, medallions, floral murals, and more. The Danov House features a book publishing exposition, including an old printing press and a classroom from the National Revival period, housing original maps, atlases, globes, textbooks, and other items.  Featuring beautiful carved ceilings and exquisite floral motives, the Kuyumdzhioglu House is the former home of the wealthy merchant Argir Kuyumdzhioglu. The Balabanov House also features premises embellished with carved wooden ceilings and houses numerous events such as literature readings, exhibits, concerts, and theatre performances.

For those who have a passion for travel Plovdiv is a great place to meet new friends, try traditional cuisine, and immerse themselves in Bulgarian culture and traditions. A host of events take place throughout the year, including the Old Town Festival, Autumn Fair of Crafts, Two-Three Beers Fest, Kapana Fest, and many others.


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