Perfectly planned loading as a first step in a care-free holiday

Prior to loading, it is advisable and necessary consistently to rid the coaches of contaminated Caravan. Ballast in paper form as beispielsweie read books, outdated magazines, manuals for long discarded equipment and road maps, which are not needed on the upcoming trip, are dispensable.

Cans, glass bottles and similar containers present themselves as obese companion. Does it carry example sense converse in larger amounts or rich nearly empty when it go find an acceptable restaurant? Are drinks at the resort is prohibitively expensive, so it is recommended as an alternative to upgrade to glass bottles to lightweight PET bottles. Also metallic cookware and tableware can be replaced by lighter plastic variants. Take a look: rent a car Sofia

They achieve a favorable utilization of the interior space by populating wall cabinets and high hanging lockers with light things such as clothing, towels and other linen. Heavier items such as electrical appliances and pots belong to the lower cabinet areas. As far as the interior allows it, there should be a uniform loading of the right and left side.Find Cheap Hotels in London online with Travoline. Book today and save upto 60% on hotel bookings in United Kingdom.

Basically, the heavier the object, the closer it should be stored on the ground and close to the axis. In addition, heavy loads should be secured with non-slip materials and straps.

Who wants to carry one to four bikes on the trip with the camper, can obtain advice here in terms of roof boxes from Sven Service.

Avoid with elaborate unpack risk of accidents and fines

Overweight motorhomes risks for adverse events not only increases improperly stowed baggage the risk of accidents or when braking in curves, also threaten Europe heavy fines and other penalties. With simple utensils to schedule the loading with a little time and patience in advance – so you get a good and safe feeling before your departure.
Unsafe loading can cause fines and other inconveniences.

The judge in matters overload awaits you most likely at the latest in the form of an official at the border crossing in another European country. With a trained eye of law enforcement divined an impermissibly high loading and waving the motorhome through – to check on the scales. In Europe, exceeding the maximum permissible total weight varies costly for a motorhome. In Germany, the rule sets for overloading are staggered – the amount of the fines is the European average.

May be continued the trip with the motorhome only after the load is reduced to the maximum permissible value. A compact guide to a systematic Beladungs ​​checks and calculates the permissible load for a motorhome, see the ADAC booklet “Weighing – measuring – Computing: Driving”.

Who has no weighbridge around available and want to play it safe, can draw on a caravan and truck scales. This is small, handy and provides the ability to determine the total weight and the left and right vertical loads.